Notes On Paying A PayPal Invoice

Hello there!  You must be visiting this page because you are booking a stay at one of Alex and Heather's two vacation condos, either Sunset Beach Bliss or Beech Mountain Bliss.  If so, thank you very much for choosing us, and we hope you have a lovely time there.

Making your payment electronically has a lot of advantages in terms of convenience, security and a speedy assurance that your chosen dates are reserved.  It also allows me to get your deposit refund back to you even more quickly after your check out date, since I normally would be able to refund it to you out of your most recent PayPal payment to me, instead of your having to wait for a paper cheque from me in the mail. 

When I send you a PayPal Invoice, you should expect an email from PayPal to show up in your inbox, (usually right after the email from me with our standard rental agreement attached as a PDF).

The email from PayPal should look something like this:

When you click on the link provided in the PayPal Invoice email, it should take you to a secure page on the PayPal site that looks like this:

Click on the "Continue" button, and you should be taken to a second page like this:

Take a look at the lower, left-hand portion of this page.  Notice that there is a statement about how you do not need to have a PayPal Account in order to pay the PayPal invoice?  If you click on the "Continue" link, you should get an online form on another secure PayPal page in which you can enter your credit card information, etc.

Important thing to keep in mind:  In the past, when my guests have had problems with getting PayPal to work, it frequently was due to the fact that there was an old PayPal account which they had set up in the past and forgotten about.  Since old, infrequently-used account are often targets for fraud, you may need to contact PayPal's Security Center and work directly with them to re-establish your ability to use your old PayPal account - unless you have another credit card that you have never added to your old account.  

Working out security problems with PayPal often results in a few days' delay.   But if this happens, do not despair!  Just let me know what's happening, and (depending on the time we have available) we can try to work something out.

Many thanks!

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